Rolling Road

Our workshop boasts a fully digital 4-wheel drive rolling road – one of only a few in the country. This invaluable piece of equipment is used to verifiy a car’s performance and help diagnose problems.

Our rolling road has proved extremely popular with regular and new customers. We also offer some services to non-VW Group high performance 4-wheel drive vehicles including high performance Japanese cars such as Nissan Skyline’s, Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Lancer Evos.

Many car enthusiasts want to “see” how their car is performing and the benefits of any modifications they have made. A plot obtained from a rolling road session displays power, torque and boost (turbo and supercharged cars only) characteristics across the
rev range of the vehicle. Using the information gained, the engine characteristics and performance can be modified to ensure that it is running at it’s optimum level – this is the best way to see any improvements or problems when tuning your engine. We aim to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible so that vehicles can be reliably tuned and maintained.

By keeping a check on your car’s performance you not only help keep it running at it’s best but also at it’s most efficient.

Should you wish to book a session on the rolling road please read our “Points to Note About Rolling Road Sessions” below


You need to ensure that your car is ready to run. i.e. in good mechanical order and with plenty of fuel. If you are not sure of the car’s mechanical condition you must inform us – we can arrange for any necessary work to be performed prior to going on the rollers if required.

Once on the rollers, we will do one preliminary run to ensure the engine is at it’s operating temperature and that everything else is as it should be, tyre pressures, etc. We will then perform one full power run and print off the results. We may then carry out one more run to verify the results if we feel it is necessary.

Any further runs will depend on any other work requested or required. We always aim to achieve accuracy and repeatability with the rolling road and are happy to discuss the results with yourself once the session is complete.