Air Conditioning

Many of todays cars come with Air Conditioning or “Climate Control”. These systems use special gas to cool the air that helps control the temperature within your vehicle. However the system also dehumidifies and cleans the air too.

Over time the gas can run out, become contaminated or filters become saturated which can cause the system to become inefficient or fail completely.

For this reason air conditioning units should be regularly serviced in a similar manner to other vehicles parts.

This will :
• Maximise the efficiency of your system.
• Remove unwanted bacteria.
• Improve de-misting times.
• Stop recirculation of dust and pollutant particles.
• Increase fuel economy due to greater system efficiency.

STAR PERFORMANCE recommends an air-con service every 2 years.
We can service and re-gas your air conditioning system. Our equipment can check for illegal gasses, leaks, suitable oil levels etc to ensure that your system is at it’s optimum.